At GMFL, we ensure to deliver quality at all levels. Our state of the art plant, enables us to achieve a stringent and seamless production process which ensures consistent deliver of high quality products. Our infrastructure facility meets all norms prescribed by international certification agencies.

Forge Shop

1 Ton Hammer (Belt Drop Closed Die), 3 Ton and 6 Ton Hammer (Pneumatic Closed Die) 200 Ton, 350 Ton & 650 Ton Trimming Presses and ready with water quenching tanks. We have complete infrastructure ready for commissioning 16 Ton Hammer (Pneumatic Closed Die) which will forge products upto 750 Kg.

CNC Machining Shop

We have capability to undertake complex and Precision CNC components, offering quality, accuracy and reliability. We have wide range of CNC machines including 5 Axis CNC machine Centre, Vertical Machining Centre, CMM etc, which machines components that being supplied to Aerospace Industry

Cutting Shop

Our plant has installed fully automated Band saws and CSNC from globally renowned suppliers namely Amada, Everising and ITL to ensure precision in cutting and minimise wastage. Our machines can cut any metals upto Dia 550 mm.

Heat Treatment & Shot blasting

The presence of in-house Heat Treatment & Shot Blasting facility makes the Plant fully integrated and ensures quality control at all levels. We have installed Oil fired continuous Hardening & Tempering Furnaces Capacity of 700 Kg/hr auto and Shot Blasting Machines of Tumblast type & Swing Table Type (capacity of Dia 72 Inches).

Dies Tooling Shop

We have a fully equipped Die shop with a combination of conventional and latest CNC machines. Our Die shop produces all required Die Block Holders & Inserts, which reduces lead Time and ensures uninterrupted production. The Die Shop is equipped with Machines such as Country wide Lathes, Vertical Borer, Milling and Radial Drilling Machine.

Lab Testing Facility

We have in-house Quality Control, NDT and DT Lab Tasting Facility. It has all the required equipments to check forged products, on various parameters including Hardness Testing, which ensure delivery of Quality Products.